I won’t tell you about Berlusconi‘s story, crimes, power, corruption, sexism and so on… you can find many clips on youtube about it, and some of them are in english too 😉

I will just focus on a couple of little “details” that will help me to answer a friend’s question: “Do you really believe that Italy is going to become a dictatorship?

Well, if we have to learn from history than it is quite easy to answer: YES!

In Italy we have such a good tradition in dictators and we are so proud of our history and roots that it is not unlikely that “our” Prime Minister will follow the footsteps of a “big statesman” like Mussolini.

Furthermore, several similarities can be pointed out between Berlusconi and Chavéz; the most topical one, is the use of army and policemen considered by Berlusconi as a way to “persuade” people to obey his decrees (that he likes to use in substituion of “normal” “slow-approving” laws) and prevent or interrupt ay kind of contestation or complain citizens could organize. I would like to especially underline Berlusconi’s threat (22 October 2008) of crushing University students’ protests using the police force.

And very “reliable” recent polls in Venezuela and Italia say that both Hugo and SIlvio have about 70 % of consensus throught their nations…

I decided a long time ago: I’ll fly away from Italy… but now I am really thinking that I won’t come back anymore 😦

Good luck fellows! 😦

ps: There’s much more to write about this topic: Berlusconi’s actions daily provide evidence of despotism and show lack of  interest in whatever is different from his impunity in the several trials he is on and the welfare of his own (and friends’ ) business. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to report this encyclopedic collection of crimes and offenses to dignity and honesty…

I’ll do that in pills, little by little…


2 risposte a “Berluchavéz

  1. Complimenti per la vignetta … pero mi chiedevo: i tuoi (nostri) compaesani riusciranno a leggere il tuo intervento in inglese … 😀

    Mi piace

  2. grazie 😉 anche se il fotomontaggio poteva venire molto meglio, ma non avevo voglia di stare a perdere tempo appresso a questo dittatore della domenica… :S

    è inutile che scriva il post in italiano… gli italiani conoscono già la miseria in cui viviamo; e quelli che non lo sanno o negano l’evidenza… beh che muoiano pure sotto dittatura.. sono stufo di dover incazzarmi e poi trovare gentaglia che dice che belrusconi è un grande, che l’italia è bella, che la patria è la patria….

    se poi parli di compaesani, nel senso di irpini… beh.. i commenti sono superflui… ^^

    Mi piace


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