Doctor Quantum

A long time has passed since I first watched this distinguished man, explaining scaring deep physics concepts with his charming manners.

I had recently sat for a Quantum Physics examination (one of the most beautiful exams I’ve ever had in my life) and I was still questioning myself about some topics (it is a really attractive subject, combining mathematics, physics and… philosophy) when I stumbled into this video.

I simply fell in love with this guy: astonishing resembling Piero Angela (a famed Italian journalist, known for his divulgement activity and ruler of my adolescence with his “Quark” show) in the gestures as well as in the voice…


Falling back to my “prime time” (as Giacomo Leopardi said once) I stared at this superb explanation, regretting for not having found it while still being spending my time on a big fascinating book named: Quantum Physics of atoms, molecules, solids, nuclei, and particles.

Well, a short time ago (an almost physician) Belgian friend sent me a link to the video attached to this post suggesting me to check this “Doctor Quantum” and I immediately recognized the teacher of my dreams… 🙂

This gave me the stimulus to write this post and hope that many of you will watch this video and appreciate the huge work the drawers made to create this very understandable toon 🙂

The double slit experiment, showing the dual nature of elementary particles is one of the most fascinating things in physics, at least for the half-nescient ones like I am 🙂 , and here it is carried out in a clear, attractive and stimulating way.

Enjoy your vision, mates! 🙂

PS: strictly related to this experiment is Young Experiment, describing the wave-behaviour of light. I post here two pictures taken in the Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra (PT). I warmly thank zukyzukkina for these two pictures 😉



4 risposte a “Doctor Quantum

  1. wow!!!!
    che FIXE!!! ottimo articolo e bellissimo filmato…belle foto quelle! 🙂
    complimenti per il blog, immagino che diventerà più un sito di fisica quantistica che non un blog da lupo emigrato, però bellino, complimenti

    Mi piace

  2. Grazie per i complimenti ^^
    ho anch’io l’impressione che il blog sarà alquanto variegato 🙂
    ma un occhio di riguardo all’irpinia ci sarà sempre… 😉

    anche se sarà l’occhio di un emigrato che si guarda intorno a tutto tondo 😉

    Mi piace

  3. complimenti per le tue conoscenze linguistiche, ma per i semianalfabeti sarebbe necessario la traduzione.

    Mi piace

  4. non ho tradotto il post in italiano perchè il filmato, comunque, è in inglese… quindi non è di alcun interesse per chi non ha conoscenze di base di questa lingua…

    si tratta, comunque, di un cartone animato, molto ben fatto, che spiega, con esempi e parole comuni concetti complicatissimi di fisica (quantistica) 😉

    Mi piace


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